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Dieting can be kind of expensive! We're not talking about $50 digital food scales, the $25/day prepared meal deliveries from Zone Chefs, or the monthly meal packages from, say, NutriSystem. Or even the dental work involved after one's stomach acid eats away at all that fragile tooth enamel! We're talking about dinnerware. Yup, apparently, one can lose 1-4 pounds a week just by using an artfully-designed, "affordable" thirty-dollar dinner plate. But wait! "Why not buy the Calorie Controlled Breakfast Cereal Bowl too?" And a "Male Plate" while you're at it? (What do you want to bet the male version allows for more food? Assholes). To be fair, the Diet Plate is said to have helped numerous diabetics get their illnesses under control, but at $30 a pop? Are the HMOs footing the bill? How about we just paste a photo of the cellulite on our thighs onto a piece of Royal Chinet and call it a day?


The Diet Plate: Better Than Drugs? [Diet Blog]

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