Lori Drew Indicted For Inviting Megan Meier To Touch Her "Snake"

Lori Drew has been indicted! (We totally want to marry the California courts today.) The Los Angeles feds have indicted the Missouri mom who masterminded the MySpace hoax that led 13-year-old Megan Meier to hang herself on charges of fraud and conspiracy in a case that probably has some... interesting First Amendment implications! But whatever, we are generally satisfied. Lori Drew, who created a fake MySpace profile for a 16-year-old named "Josh Evans" and used it to fuck with Megan in retaliation for ending her friendship with her daughter, has yet to speak up for herself, but every time we think, "Just leave her alone already," someone else speaks out with another testimonial to her shittiness. Today we learn a little more about "Josh"'s flirting technique.



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