Loretta Devine Defends Chris Brown: 'He Wasn't the First Man to Hit Somebody'

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, actress Loretta Devine stepped in it a little bit when asked to opine about the state of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship during the "Plead the Fifth" segment of the show. Devine said that she doesn't believe that the couple ever really broke up, saying, "Love is love and he wasn't the first one to ever hit somebody. Uh oh, I'm in trouble now," adding that she the media acted as though he were the first man to ever hit someone. So because he wasn't the first means it wasn't bad? Anyway, she tried to clarify her defense of his actions by explaining how she knows Brown personally from working with him on the film This Christmas, fondly recalling how he would sneeze or spit water on the back of her neck. She added that he was "a very youthful boy." (Immature?) So, to sum it up, in the span of one minute she ended up giving the "boys will be boys" and "some men hit" arguments while defending Chris Brown.


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Here's a question to everyone here. I posed the question down thread but that to ask it in it's own thread.

If a man in your family or a man who is a friend was found to hurt his wife, would you disown them immediately? Or try to rationalize their actions? The only people who really support him publicly are his friends. The people who know him as more than just a cocky personality on stage and in magazines. I can understand trying to remove the stigma from someone you care about. Trying to say to the world. "Hey I know him and he really isn't as bad as you guys are making him seem. He did a bad thing, but he isn't a bad man."

Perhaps if people stopped idolizing celebrities in such an unhealthy way, when they fall from grace we wouldn't be so shocked. We are all human and at any given moment can do something out of character.

My current bf told me of an incident where his ex was throwing plates at him, screaming at him, telling him he was worth less than dirt (her common form of mental abuse) and it took every fiber in his being to walk out the door and ignore her. That night he slept on a bench in the park because he knew if he came home enraged he would do something he regretted. My guy has an immense amount of willpower but I won't pretend that every person in the world can withstand abuse and react calmly. I have sat across a dinner table staring at an ex and in my head wanted to pick up the pan I'd cooked with and hit him in the face. I imagined myself doing it, I was so angry. I don't know what keeps a person from acting on those thoughts.

We weren't there when Chris and Rihanna got into a fight. We don't know what happened beforehand. I can understand a friend trying to say he's good man who did a bad thing.