Sixteen years after she severed his penis, Lorena Gallo sat down with ex John Bobbitt — a reunion orchestrated by The Insider — whom she says was sexually, physically and emotionally abusive during their marriage.

In typical Insider style, the conversation between the two is edited to death, and will play out in short segments over the course of several episodes of the show. John still denies Lorena's claims of abuse (he was tried and acquitted for raping her in 1994, although later that year he was convicted of domestic battery against another woman, for which he served jail time), but he says he forgives Lorena for cutting of his penis, which was eventually reattached.

In the interview, Lorena said that John still tries to contact her, leaving her voicemail messages and sending her Valentine's cards and flowers. He denied her claims, saying that it was a "friend" of his who left the voicemail messages. However, we're a lot more prone to believe the woman who kept a low profile after the incident - and later went on to found a nonprofit organization to help abused women, - than the guy who tried to cash in on his infamy by starring in adult movies, and had numerous run-ins with the law.

If there was one good thing about the Bobbitts' private matters entering the public stage, it's that it was one of the first big news stories to recognize, and legitimize, the subject of marital rape. Clip above left.