Lorena Bobbitt, 15 Years Later • The Pill Is "Ineffective" Because Women Are Dumb

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Lorena Bobbitt, 15 Years Later: Engaged, working as a real estate agent, and helping abused women with their mental health. • Are the Japanese totally over luxury brands? We just hope they aren't over making endlessly adorable things! • An Army Wives poster in an NYC subway station has been given a little makeover. • Australians say that their "Aussie values" make them more prone to body image problems than others. • Down's syndrome dolls become a popular plaything for children with disabilities. • More than 100 Italian women breastfed their babies in a public square in Rome in protest of unfair public breastfeeding laws. • A savings plan for prostitutes in India allows them to save their money and be able to potentially say "no" to clients with the extra money set aside to support them. • Kids and strippers mixed together at a golf course due to some "mistiming" between two tournaments (the kids were golfing for one and the strippers were caddying for another). • Iran has banned the use and import of tanning beds because of health reasons. •


Paddington Bear celebrates his 50th birthday! • Schoolgirls in CA are participating in a week-long program intended to promote construction for girls. • The Pill is called ineffective and outdated because it is "very difficult" for women to remember to take a pill daily. So basically it is ineffective because we're stupid? • Italian gays plan a mass exchange of vows during their Gay Pride days to publicize the need for gay-marriage laws in Italy. • The National Commission of Women in India is criticizing soap operas for portraying women in a negative light and should be treated as "victims"? Wha?

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@formerlyzivah: i've been taking the pill for 7 years now, and i still forget. especially when i get up later on weekends. i'm absolutely TERRIBLE about remembering. for a while, i had nearly a month's worth of missed pills saved up— i put them in a bottle in my desk at work, so that if i got to work and realized i'd forgotten, i still had them there. and yes, i know that if you miss one you're supposed to take two the next time, but DAMN that mades me feel ill.