L'Oreal Denies Beyonce Whitewashing • Grandma Takes Kid On Death Proof-Style Joy Ride

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Re: The Beyonce L'Oreal skin-lightening accusations, L'Oreal denies lightening Beyonce. This isn't the first time that Beyonce's possible whitewashing has been attributed to her naturally light skin, what do you think? • Speaking of beautiful women: Researchers have found that beauty salons are an effective place to spread awareness about strokes. Using beauty salons as a place to raise awareness is so hot right now. • Cross-species friendships sure are a popular theme for children movies.Some doctors in England are prescribing antidepressants for women who suffer from PMS (and show no depressed traits). • A play titled This Wide Night deals with the pain that some women go through when they are released from prison because of a lack of prison aftercare. • JC Penny launches an online RPG, Dork Dodge, to appeal to "fashion-conscious women" entering their first year of college by using real-life awkward moments of college life as a basis of the game. • Women athletes will make up 45% of the Olympic competitors in Beijing. • Disney rebrands Toon Disney into Disney XD, a channel that will appeal more to boys ages 6 to 14 by including more masculine gender stereotypes! • Robert Hazard, the musician who wrote Cyndi Lauper's 1983 hit, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", died today at the age of 59. • A small, unscientific survey has found that most women lie to avoid hurting someone's feeling, not necessarily to avoid getting out of trouble. * Young children (and women) in Afghanistan are being raped as the security situation of the country continues to deteriorate. • A female high school football player on a male-dominated team is suing her former coach who she claims made her practice without safety equipment (which her male peers had) resulting in getting her clavicle broken. • A 54-year-old grandma was arrested for child abuse after she took her 3-year-old granddaughter out for a joy ride (and "some air") by letting her sit on the roof of her car as she drove around.



i dunno about beyonce. there's plenty of lighting schemes that can make you look very light. whether or not that's the effect that L'Oreal was going for, is a different question, I guess...