Lorde Thinks It's All Downhill After Your Teens

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Lorde is a powerful 17-year-old business lady who thinks it all goes south after one's teen years. I mean ... maybe?

The "Royals" singer talked to Billboard about her thoughts on aging and it got weird fast.

"I don't only listen to music by teenagers, but how you feel and respond to things at this age is really special. We're just cooler," she says — then puts her head in her hands. "Oh, no! That's going to be the pull quote: 'Teenagers are just cooler!' " The more she talks about aging, the younger she seems. "The getting-older anxiety is a constant that I've learned not to pay attention to because there's nothing you can do," she says. "I signed my deal when I was 13. I've grown up learning how to deal with people in business and market myself. You're very aware of your age and the power and worth that comes with that."



She also mentions that she had to work up the nerve to cold call Kanye West and ask him to remix a song for her upcoming Hunger Games compilation, Mockingjay - Part 1, out next month. Fortunately Mr. West answered and the pair hung out in Malibu, as one does, but she wouldn't say much more because West, who married the human amalgamation of each and every tabloid, is "private."

L O L, Lorde stop with these jokes, you're killing me.

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I'm a huge Gaga fan, and about 10 years older than the group of kids I go to concerts with. They're lovely and all, but they really do think the world centers around teenagers. It's hilarious. I was eating in a diner post show with a whole table-full of them once and they were discussing movies, and Goosebumps came up, and this one girl beside me was like "I don't know why they are making those. I mean, it's cool and all but none of us even remember that stuff, why are they trying to reinvent it?" And I turned to her and said, "Because people older than teenagers also go to movies, love. And we spend more." And then I paid for the entire table.