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Loose Lips

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Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora are totes the new the new Bruce and Demi: even though they're divorced, they're having Thanksgiving together along with their daughter Ava and Locklear's boyfriend Jack Wagner. • They're no Speidi, but Jason Lee and his longtime girlfriend Ceren Alkac are also married. The couple has a baby girl together who was born over the summer. • SATC star Cynthia Nixon is P.O'd at NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg for "caving to wealthy white parents and exiling the thriving Center School from the upper floor of P.S. 199," says. "Both the mayor and the chancellor should abide by their own, oft-stated rule: If it ain't broke, don't fix it," Nixon wrote in an op-ed with artist Kara Walker in today's Daily News. [People, People, NYDN via NYM]


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So, this is slightly irrelevant, but I went to the Christmas tree lighting at the Americana in Glendale (fucking NIGHTMARE, btw) and Jason Lee and his girlfriend and baby were all standing RIGHT next to me. She was breastfeeding uncovered in the middle of an air-tight and violently crowded street ...which I found to be an awfully dangerous spot to be suckling your young. Besides that they seemed to be a cute little family.