Usher is going to be a daddy for the second time! He and wife Tameka Foster are expecting son #2 on December 15. Maybe he will take after the Simpson-Wentz child and be named Staten Island Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Usher Jr. • Oh man, poor Kanye. He is obviously still very broken up about the death of his mother, and on November 5 wrote on his blog, "Hi Mom, Obama won!" He tells the Telegraph, "It's weird - I heard about my Mom passing on a plane and I heard about Obama getting elected on a plane. Like Obama, I'm from Chicago and I would have loved to have made it back to take in the celebrations that night but it just couldn't be done. I still find it unbelievable that he won." • The Roots got into a tour bus crash, but thank goodness everyone is ok. ?uestlove blogged about the harrowing event: "In reality the crash was all of about 7 seconds…but to do a 360 on the highway and end up ramped up (the van that crashed into ours was UNDER our double decker bus) in the air…is…well…a frigging miracle.”[Sun, Telegraph, Rolling Stone]


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