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Loose Lips

Illustration for article titled Loose Lips

Word on the British street is that Madonna and Guy's divorce will be granted tomorrow. Guy will reportedly not be taking any money from Madge, and they will split cross-continental custody of Rocco and David in New York and London. None of this explains why Madge decided to wear astroturf in public. • Uh, supposed pictures of Prince William's penis! He is — blessedly — without a Prince Albert. • Animay is back on and going strong: John Mayer met Jennifer Aniston's dad last night in Beverly Hills. "Jen's dad seemed very impressed with John and the two got on real well," claims a source. • Michael Phelps is rumored to be the new Subway spokesman. Is that really a great idea? After all, we remember what 12,000 calorie Michael Phelps diet does to one's figure. [The Mirror, GayDailyHot (via Perez), Star, Perez]


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So if I go on Michael Phelps diet I'll lose weight? Mmmmm...12,000 calories. I've been going at losing the weight I gained this year all wrong. Fuck lowering my fat intake.