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Alec Baldwin on his 30 Rock lip-lock with Jennifer Aniston: "It was the greatest day of my life." He's J/K, people, but Baldwin adds, "Whenever you do that with someone, it's so fake. They're getting paid to kiss you and I'm getting paid to kiss her. But she's a doll." • 50 Cent filed suit against Taco Bell because they made him look like a chump, or, in legalese, "burnished his gangsta rapper persona by distorting beyond all recognition a bona fide, good faith offer." According to the AP, "The squabble is over a fake letter sent out by Taco Bell Corp. asking 50 Cent to change his name for one day to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent to help publicize its value menu." • Ben Affleck is currently in Congo trying to raise awareness about the war-torn country's plight. "I thought a lot of people are advocating on Darfur. I'd just be a very small log on a big fire. I started getting interested in Congo and I thought, this is a place where I can have a really big impact," he says.[People, AP , AP]

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Chris Braak

Yeah, but Ben, you know we haven't solved the Darfur problem, right? Why is it more important that you make a maximum impact than it is that you solve the problem?