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Beyonce says she'll be at Obama's inauguration with bells on."I want to be there to witness it," she says. B. also says she'd love to perform — Salon's Erin Aubry Kaplan must have her fingers crossed that Beyonce will sing "Bootylicious" in Michelle's honor. • Megan Fox says she wants a small wedding when she ties the knot to fiance Brian Austin Green. Fox says she's keeping it small in part because she wants the paparazzi out of her business. Can't say we blame her. • Brandy and Tyrese were spotted lunching together but Tyrese insists they're just friends. "Brandy and I have been the best of friends since we were 14 years old. I would never date her — it would be like dating my sister," he says. Do you think they bond over their lack of last names? [People, People, TMZ]


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No, please, no Sasha Fierce at the inauguration. I vote Aretha FTW.

However, I will admit to singing a modified version of "Bootylicious" to my little furry love, Miss Kitty. As in, "I don't think you're ready for Miss Kitty... My kitty's too kittylicious for ya, babe."

Now Hippiechick will hide in shame indefinitely. Ha!