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Is Nicole Kidman thinking of quitting showbiz? The Australia star says, "In terms of my future as an actor and stuff, I don't know. I mean, I'm in a place in my life where I've had some great opportunities – but I may just choose to have some more children." Maybe she just wants to be able to move her eyebrows again! • Aw! Jennifer Esposito is saying some very sweet things about Samantha Who costar and breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate. "She's a huge inspiration…She never stopped once to say, feel sorry for me. She doesn't look down and doesn't look to the side. She just looks forward and keeps going," J. Esp says. • Michael Jackson is reportedly "too sick" to travel to London to testify in a lawsuit against him by a Bahrain sheik. Jackson allegedly owes the sheik $7 million dollars after he "reneged on a contract for an album, a candid autobiography and a stage play," the AP reports. Damn, he is such a sad case. [People, People, AP]

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Princess Leela

Can someone explain why the process of birthing a child seems to completely devour the brains of so many seemingly intelligent women in Hollywood? I expect little from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, since she was always infuriatingly smug, but Nicole Kidman's descent into this territory strikes me as more alarming, since she always seemed more interesting than that to me. I do get that the blessed event changes many women's worldviews (although for just as many it does not), but my friends who have gone through it have not opted to wax quite so dramatic about the transformation. Maybe it's just that these women are naturally inclined to wax dramatic, it being their job and all?