Loose Lips

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Though Paris Hilton has oft proclaimed her love for newish beau Benji Madden, apparently she was caught borderline canoodling with ex Stavros Niarchos on Saturday in Miami. Apparently Stavros was stroking Paris's hair! Harlot! • Apparently Scarlett Johanssen inspired that heinous Katy Perry song "I Kissed A Girl." "I had no idea [about the song]," ScarJo says. "I should get a cut!" We hope she Scarlett does get a cut, because maybe if Katy is no longer making money from that rubbish she will stop singing it in public places. • Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd's Montecito home was unfortunately one of the houses burned by the Tea Fire. • Cloris Leachman hospitalized! She was diagnosed with pneumonia. Get well! [The Sun, People, TMZ, ET]


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Ugh. Now I have that horrid song stuck in my head. Scarlett, will you waive your cut of the song in exchange for making sure it's NEVER PLAYED AGAIN.