Loose Lips

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The Esquire writer who profiled Vince Vaughn could not get over the actor's largeness. Chris Jones describes the star as “the biggest man in the room," possessing "great golden acreage…too much to ignore." Then Jones wrties about how Vaughn teamed up with Mothra and terrorized some Japanese villagers. • Seemingly superhuman Angelina Jolie admits that she gets tired. "I woke up at 3 in the morning with four kids with jet lag and two babies," Angelina says. • Someone finally bought Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson's creepy Santa Barbara compound. The buyer is Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC. If the google results for Sycamore Valley Ranch are any indication, Michael's old stomping ground will soon be either a horse farm or an RV Park. [Newser, People, Perez]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

I heard that Vince Vaughn can't fit into buildings constructed before 1940, which is why he can never be President.