After overheating and collapsing while performing on Friday in Australia, Rihanna has made a full recovery and was spotted hand-in-hand with Chris Brown during a shopping trip. Rihanna has never confirmed her relationship with Chris, but you know that a dude loves you if he is holding your purse while you try shit on. • Oooh! Britney is reportedly working on a "top secret project" with her choreographer "in anticipation of next month's [new album] Circus." Does it involve a snake again? Maybe this time she'll dance suggestively with an iguana. • Amy, you really need to kick this loser to the curb: Amy Winehouse's husband Blake allegedly didn't tell her he was getting out of jail. Amy's mum Janice says, "What sort of husband doesn’t tell his wife that he’s being released? That says it all really, doesn’t it?" Indeed! [Herald Sun, People, The Sun]