Loose Lips

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George Clooney and Eriq LaSalle will return for the series finale of E.R, the new issue of TV Guide reports. In related news, George Clooney has just learned that E.R. is still on the air. • Click here to see Christina Aguilera's new commercial for Target. It is a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired piece of pop and it looks kind of amazing for a piece of capitalist claptrap! • Tom Arnold is speaking out about being sexually abused as a young child. After a stint in rehab in the 90s, Arnold found the strength to confront his abuser. "With the help of a private investigator, I found him and confronted him at his office. Coming out of the building, I felt pure joy," Arnold tells People. [TV Guide, Just Jared, People]



I miss old-school ER with Benton, Hathaway, Ross, Greene... it's become a sad, embarrassing shadow of itself now.