Even though former Trekkie George Takei is seriously bummed out by the passage of Prop. 8, he is not giving up the fight for marriage equality. "Barack Obama spoke of the 'renewed promise' of America. It happened last night with the presidency. And equality and justice will happen for us as well. We will make it happen. Yes we can." George wed his partner Brad Altman on September 14th in L.A.• In case you were wondering, Ashley Olsen is not engaged to longtime boyfriend Justin Bartha. So quit askin' her, mkay? • Dear Taylor Momsen. You are 15 years old. You should not be at Harvey Weinstein's election party hanging out with a stoned lookin' James Franco. You are not even old enough to vote, young lady! Now get back into your room and do your homework. It's a school night! [ Us, People, Popsugar]