Loose Lips

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is speaking out on behalf of Dancing with the Stars Cheryl Burke, who was criticized for her weight. "Cheryl Burke is so beautiful and an amazing dancer and that's what people should concentrate on," J. Love says. So people should concentrate on her beauty instead of her weight. Thanks for clearing that up for us! • Former Melrose Place denizen, Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford, tells Us that she'd be willing to appear on a Melrose spin-off…at cost. Rutherford would do the show "If they offered me a lot of money!" Real talk. • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are are still undecided about what they should be for Halloween. Do y'all have any suggestions for them? Our money's on Mariah as Hello Kitty and Nick as her froggy friend Keroppi. [People, Us, Us]

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Yeah, we're supposed to take you seriously, JLH, after you lost 20 pounds when the media criticized your weight?