Loose Lips

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The newest NY Times contributor is an expert in AIDS, global warming and global poverty. Oh, he's also the lead singer of one of the world's most famous bands. That's right, Bono will be writing regular contributions to the Times' op-ed pages about music. In other news, the Edge is going to start covering Asian markets for the Wall Street Journal. • Keifer Bonvillain, someone who illegally wiretapped an Oprah employee and then tried to sell the information, is suing Oprah for making "false statements" about him to the tune of $180 million. So Bonvillain was brought up on charges of extortion and wiretapping Oprah and now he's trying to extort more money out of the situation. Mkay! • Angelina Jolie may be taking a break from movie making. She tells Vanity Fair, "The kids are my priority, so it's possible that from now on I will make fewer movies. I may even stop altogether."[NYMag, Yahoo, People]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Oh my goodness do I ever harbor an irrational hatred for Bono. His Messiah complex vanity drives me up a wall. I can add his column to the list of things that I will not be reading.