Loose Lips

Wow, Mark Wahlberg apparently lost his sense of humor along with his Funky Bunch. In response to Andy Samberg's impersonation of him in an SNL skit called "Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals," the artist formerly known as Marky Mark said, "When I see that kid, I'm going to crack that big fucking nose of his." • During a performance for MTV Latin America last night, Katy Perry dove into a cake and then bit it on stage. Lord, she is tiresome with her cake diving faux lesbian antics. • Um, wow: "Despite the critical mauling of Troy, Warner Bros hope to team Brad Pitt with Mad Max director George Miller on a futuristic version of The Odyssey." If produced, this movie is going to be watched by every stoned college student until the end of time. [Jossip, Perez, The Guardian]

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