With sort-of-not-really estranged ex-husband Travis Barker recovering from his recent plane crash, Shanna Moakler was caught making kissy face with Gerard Butler. • Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey are the most "responsible" celebrities according to a recent poll. However, this isn't anything to write home about, as "33 percent [of respondents] said they couldn't select a celebrity that embodies responsibility," Reuters reports. • Elton John on his alleged row with Lily Allen: "She told me to fuck off, because I’m forty years older than she is. I love her. She was feeling no pain, I was feeling no pain. I was sober, she wasn’t, but it doesn’t matter. I think they’re being very unfair to her. We certainly didn’t have a fallout onstage on all." [Just Jared, Reuters, GQ]