Loose Lips

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The plot thickens! According to Perez via a second story in the National Enquirer, Jamie Lynn Spears IS pregnant! A family member has allegedly confirmed it, and the Spears clan is allegedly denying it to buy themselves time. • For a short preview of the new season of 30 Rock, click here! The season starts October 30, and Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Martin will be among the guest stars this fall. Squee! • Leonardo DiCaprio and off-again, on-again girlfriend Bar Refaeli are vacationing in Tulum, Mexico and we're not. Sigh. [Perez , E!, Just Jared]


Feminist Whore

The whole "not being able to get pregnant while breastfeeding" thing is actually based in fact.

"Lactational Amenorrhea Method" or LAM

"For women who meet the criteria (listed thru link below), LAM is 98% - 99.5% effective during the first six months postpartum.