Loose Lips

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Megan Fox's GQ interview is chock full o' controversy. Fox says she was once in love with a stripper named Nikita who did slow dances to Aerosmith power ballads. What's most shocking is that in this day and age strippers are still dancing to Aerosmith. • Madeline Albright declares Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression "fabulous" but thought Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton a bit wanting. The former Clinton administration Secretary of State is a loyal lady! • Kate Hudson says she once went on a date so boring, she left before they ordered food. You know what else is boring? We swear we heard her tell this anecdote at least once before. [Us, TMZ, People]


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I believed all the stuff Jolie said when she was Fox's age. I believed that she loved that CK One model and her brother and Billy Bob and sex and she wasn't just saying shit to seem more attractive to boys. Fox is so...by the books. This so smacks of Katy Perry and her "OMG! Guess what I'm singing about?!" deal.