Kirsten Dunst: drunk with power! According to author and screenwriter Toby Young, Dunst had him banned from the set of the film he wrote, How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. Young said, "[Dunst] overheard me giving the producer a 'note' on her performance in a particular scene…Kirsten overheard this exchange and interpreted it as a complaint about her acting ability. It was after this, apparently, that she took Bob [Weide, director] to one side and asked if I could be kept at arm's length in future." • Uh, I guess there were rumors floating around that Paris Hilton is pregnant? Well she's not. Hooray! • Drudge is reporting that Oprah is vehemently against hosting Sarah Palin on her show. Apparently Oprah has blocked people in the past — notably Clarence Thomas — from her show before. [Perez, Mirror, Drudge]