Holy crap guys, if you watch one video today, PLEASE watch this Soup clip of America Ferrera and Blake Lively promoting the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 on a local talk show. Blake is nattering on about Gossip Girl and America gives her such a look of withering contempt at the end it's amazing. (Watch the full video after the jump.) • On today's Morning Show With Mike & Juliet, going on 37-year-old Luke Wilson admitted that he is yearning for a wee one. "Do men have biological clock?" Wilson pondered. "I feel like I do...something is definitely ticking." In the words of the tipster who sent us that gem, "Do guys have a biological clock? Biological COCK?" • Lynne Spears' motherhood memoir hits stores in September, FYI. [ YouTube via Stupid Celebrities, Star]