Shock of all shocks, food is "not a priority" for Rachel Zoe. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Zoe, who was photographed for the magazine wearing padding to make her size 0 frame appear to be a size 8, says that she sometimes only has grapefruit and coffee all day because she is so busy working (click on Zoe's image to see a larger picture of her "transformation.") • We don't normally thank TMZ, but we appreciate them pointing out Heidi Montag's hypocrisy. Spotting Montage out with Joe Francis, TMZ notes, "Heidi Montag's boyfriend/mouthpiece says she'll never do Playboy because it's against "her faith" — but being buds with pimpresario Joe Francis, that's cool with the big dude upstairs, right?" • Kiss member Paul Stanley's wife, Erin, is expecting the couple's second kiddo in December. This will be the third child for 56-year-old Stanley and the second for the couple. [Us, Harpers Bazaar, TMZ, People]