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Mary-Kate Olsen's lawyer says that MK had "nothing to do" with the drugs that killed Heath Ledger (despite tabloid and gossip blog speculation that she supplied the drugs to him) and that she has already provided the government with "relevant information." Hm. • Morgan Freeman's female passenger during his car accident was Demaris Meyer, a very close friend of his wife. Freeman was driving Meyer's car at the time of the crash. • Charlie Sheen gets paid $825,000 per episode for the painfully unfunny TV series, Two And A Half Men, making him the highest paid comedy star in prime-time. [People, TMZ, Perez Hilton]


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@Lainface: She could be held somewhat culpable if she was the provider of the Oxycontin, which was the one drug in his system that he didn't have a prescription for.