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Loose Lips

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Turns out Britney Spears is not hooking up with her bodyguard (as previously reported) and she is "100% single," at least according to her manager. Oh, and the guy in question isn't even her bodyguard, he's her "staff photographer." • Mark Consuelos, husband of Kelly Ripa and proof that sometimes you can take teeth-whitening too far, will be making a guest appearance on Ugly Betty in the upcoming season. • Sarah Silverman avoided relationship and Jimmy Kimmel jokes during her stand-up performance on Thursday and asked the audience if someone told them she was going through a "hard time." Is the stage supposed to be her LiveJournal? [DListed, TV Guide, People]


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I think Mark Consuelos was in a really cheesy movie recently that co-starred Mario Lopez. I only know this because Joel McHale had it on "the Soup" a lot.