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Loose Lips

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More LaBeoufWatch: Now you can own a piece of debris from his headline-making car crash! Like all magical things, this piece of celebrity memorabilia is for sale on eBay (current bid $158.00, there is no God). • Hm, we wonder how the Hiltons feel about the $4,600 they donated to John McCain's campaign last year being used to vilify their daughter for commercials against Obama?• Oh! Here is the "first listen" for the New Kids on the Block and Ne-Yo single that is to be released on August 12th. Kinda meh. [Perez Hilton, TMZ, People]


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Ooh this is fabulous news! Shia's car part will fit perfectly on my mantle—right in between Tatum O'Neal's crack rock and Richard Quest's nipple clamps.

The Abba turd, as always, stays in my wall safe.