Loose Lips

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Heather Mills' publicist, Michele Elyzabeth, up and quit on her because "Heather has become an impossible person." Apparently during an argument, Heather called Michelle stupid, "I reminded her that she was not 'God' and she answered, 'I will never ever talk to you again.'" Shock of all shocks! • The Bachelor: London Calling star Matt Grant and fiancée Shayne Lamas (daughter of Lorenzo!) ended their engagement. A reality TV relationship not working out? Even more shocking! Next they'll be reporting that a bear shit in the woods! • Lauren Conrad's clothing line is allegedly not really designed by LC herself. Says a source: "You never see her picking out fabrics, or in the cutting room, or even at the drawing board. She's not the designer, the only step she's involved in is the promotion." Bear, shit, etc. [Us, People, TMZ]

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I just learned from the news that bears also eat Russian mineworkers. What? Y'all brought them up first! I'd still rather be around a hungry bear than any of these people, though.