Loose Lips

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Best quote in the history of celebrity quotes: "There Might Not Be a Hannah Montana If It Wasn't For David Lynch" — Billy Ray Cyrus. Does that mean Hannah Montana = Bob? • Salma Hayek called off her engagement to French billionaire and baby daddy Francois-Henri Pinault. Her rep says: "There will be no further comment." • Gossip Girl's Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are definitely getting serious. Blake was hanging with Penn's mom and godmother yesterday. [Rolling Stone, Us, People]



@Scout 2.0: Plenty of people state they want a child before they start a relationship. So, she should have waited to start the relationship before telling him what her goals are in life?

They dated and they became pregnant. She did not conceive on her own.

Plenty of couples keep seperate residences. I personally want a separate bathroom from my husband. I need my space.

I think your last comment, #4 really sums it all up.