Loose Lips

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Christie Brinkley's internet-porn loving ex Peter Cook says he "regrets" the marriage-ending affair he had with teenage then-assistant Diana Bianchi. According to Us, "If faced with the same choice today, Cook told Geraldo he'd say, "No, I'm a married man. Move on.'" Hmm, methinks he regrets getting caught more than he regrets the barely legal sexin'. • Cheryl Hines, the Curb Your Enthusiasm regular who is co-starring with Lindsay Lohan in Labor Pains had this to say about LiLo, "I honestly expected that she's gotten herself together, and really wanted to work and that's what she's showing us. I'm very proud of her." Yay! [Us, People]


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@KillMeNow: Nah, just great minds thinking alike again.

But he's gotta save face somehow, right?