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Loose Lips

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Wondering about the origin of Nicole Kidman's baby name, Sunday Rose? She was named for an Australian artists' muse, says Nicole's dad, Anthony. "I have read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John - she was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century. The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it," Dr. Kidman told the Daily Telegraph. • Steve-o: four months sober. Good on him! • Someone T-P'd the Kardashian house! Kim wrote on her blog over the weekend, "I strongly suspect it was done by people who know or are connected to the family…Too hilarious!" [Daily Telegraph, TMZ, Us]


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LadyNo Fondles Sweaters

Ooh, I love kids being named after strong role models and historical figures. My husband's brothers were 6 and 8 when he was born and their parents let them help choose his name. They came up with James, after Jimmy Carter. How cute of those little Democrat kids!