Loose Lips

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Gwyneth Paltrow went over her friend Madonna's house this morning for some girl talk. We cannot confirm whether they talked about Madonna's marital woes, but we'd put money on the fact that whatever they said was expressed in a faux British accent. • A psychologist testified at the Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook trainwreck divorce trial that Brinkley should get custody of the couple's children because Cook "is a narcissist who needs constant reassurance…[which could cause] great harm to the children." Um, great harm like a messy, public divorce trial? • Sarah Larson told Hello magazine that she and ex George Clooney are still great "friends." [TMZ, Us, People]


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I feel for the kids in both situations, but damn if this ain't fun summer reading. But Peter Cook is a supreme douche. He had a supermodel wife who would watch porn with him, but still it wasn't enough. No, he had to webcam himself jerking off. And given that A-Rod has cheated for years, what does it say when cheap strippers are okay, but Madonna is a dealbreaker? I can't wait to pick up today's paper and see the latest sordid details.