Loose Lips

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It seems that Amy Winehouse's record company has put her on a sort of house arrest in an attempt to keep her clean. According to a source, "There is also a security guard stationed outside her house around the clock to vet any undesirables. From now on there'll be no more waifs and strays - or fans - coming into her place, wreaking havoc." • Lindsay Lohan went on Ryan Seacrest's radio show to talk about turning 22. "I just want to live a happy healthy year…and be with the person that I care about," Lilo told Ryan. Awwww. • A "source" says that A-Rod's wife Cynthia doesn't believe that her hub and Madonna are "just friends." Eh, already soooo over this Lenny Kravitzy love quadrangle! [Perez, TMZ, Us]


little stripes

You know, I was eeeeeeeh about Lindsay for quite some time, but I'm really starting to like her again.

Plus, she and Sam are adooooorable and I love that she seems to talk fairly freely about her. Like, she's not waving a rainbow flag, but she's not hiding it either. Good for her.