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Amy Winehouse's fainting spell from a couple of days ago could be linked to her overdose last summer. Drug withdrawals lasting almost a year? Remember kids: Crack is a fucking serious drug! • Ginnifer Goodwin says the claims that co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connelly are feuding on the set of He's Just Not That Into You are "totally absurd". Oh please, the biggest "feud" these two good gals ever had was probably over who should take the first toke on Aniston's apple bong. • An "employee" for R. Kelly told a key witness in his child-porn trial that she should <a href="http://www.tmz.com/2008/06/18/kelly-snitch-says-r-s-peeps-wanted-her-dead/

">be killed for tattling on Kelly. Looks like Kelly just bought himself another lawsuit! [DListed, People, & TMZ]

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According to this website ([www.cocaine-withdrawal.com]), she is well out of the withdrawal phase (which can last up to 10 weeks, assuming she quit at least three months ago. However, she would still be in the "extinction" phase, which "may last for years after drug use has ceased, and is characterised by episodic cravings for cocaine."