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Loose Lips

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After the Lakers lost game 4 of the NBA finals last night, Kobe Bryant told reporters that he was going to "drink about 20 shots" and then get back to work. He is such a smug jerk it's untenable. When TMZ is calling you a bad role model, you know you're really the pits. • Alicia Keys on international adoption: "We are all one. We're not as separate as we oftentimes think. So I possibly would, when I'm more in the motherhood stage of my life." • Part of Kate Moss's broke ass weave fell off while she was promoting her new perfume, Velvet Hour, in Berlin. [TMZ, Just Jared, TMZ]


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@Sophie: I'm convinced his wife made him get some awful tattoo after the cheating thing and he's trying to cover it up. That, however, does not explain the awful tiara with butterflies he has on his upper right arm...

@Too Hot For TNR: yes, after performing so pathetically I would probably want a few cocktails, I doubt I'd say it to the press though!