Boy George will perform at the Department of Sanitation's annual Family Day on August 16th in New York. "The people I worked alongside showed great kindness to me at a very difficult time, and I wanted to thank them all in a way that would show my appreciation," the androgynous singer said. He did five days of community service with the Department back in 2006 when police came to his apartment to investigate a robbery and found a ton of cocaine. That's kinda sweet of ol' Boy George! • Lynne Spears will include the "dark period in Britney's life" in her new memoir Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World. Blerg, Lynne. Not helping! • Eminem pranked LL Cool J on a Sirius radio show. He pretended to be "Jason from Miami" but ultimately revealed himself. It's sorta cute! [People, Us,People]