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Aw MAN. Apparently Paul Newman's partner in his delicious lemonade and salad dressing business, A.E. Hotchner, has confirmed that the 83-year-old actor is battling cancer. "He's battling," Hotchner said. "He's doing all the right stuff. Paul is a fighter. He seems to be going through a good period right now." UPDATE! The biz partner now says he was misquoted! • Those rumors of a Gossip Girl spin off starring Little J are false, says series creator Josh Schwartz. "The books do have a spinoff, but we have nothing in the works right now other than making sure season two gets off to a great start," Schwartz said. • Kobe Bryant got his nails did before game 2 of the NBA finals. The breathless nail technician told Us, "He told me he tries to get mani-pedis on a regular basis!" [AP, E!,Us]

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@descent_into_votd: Aw. Jesus. Ben Quick. I think Paul Newman was the first man my mother and I agreed on as a hottie. And I think it was after "The Long Hot Summer" or "Cat of a Hot Tin Roof". The guy's name was Brick. He was breathtaking. His acting was pretty good, too.