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Loose Lips

Illustration for article titled Loose Lips

Miley Cyrus' dad, Billy Ray, called world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz a paparazzo after she "jumped out" and "snapped away" at him at a, uh, completely planned out, Billy Ray-sanctioned photoshoot? • Hulk Hogan broke down and got religious while talking about son Nick Hogan's car accident and arrest, saying it will make both his son and his son's friend (who is in a vegetative state) "better people." • Reconciliation watch: James Haven, Angelina Jolie's brother (you know, the one she smooched), went to the Lakers game with estranged father Jon Voight. [TMZ, Perez Hilton, & Perez Hilton]

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in order to head off a britney-like catastrophe, i'd like to pre-emptively adopt miley cyrus. the only makeup she will be allowed to wear (except on special occasions) will be lip gloss, mascara, and eye shadow— plus concealer if she's got some acne problems. her curfew will be 9:30pm on school nights, and midnight on weekends, and i have to meet any guy she's planning on *hanging* with. i, in turn, promise to show up to every performace of 42nd St. that her high school drama club will put on, and let her and her friends hang in the basement on saturday nights watching waynes world and eating frozen pizza. oh, and her friends can have all the soda they want. deal, billy ray?