Loose Lips

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Dear Best Week Ever: thank you for reminding us that Halle Berry used to date Danny from the New Kids and what she looked like with her old nose. Kisses! • Apparently the Beckhams are crappy tippers, while Ryan Seacrest is a big spender. Maybe Posh n' Becks don't realize you're supposed to leave a gratuity on this side of the pond? • Dustin Hoffman recalls meeting Angelina Jolie as a teen. He described her as a "tall, thin, gawky-looking girl with a mouth full of braces." Ange was awkward as a teen: just like us! [Best Week Ever, TMZ, Us]


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Lisabel (ne:Dagnabbit)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? The hell. I never heard of this. At least she didn't dial him up to be her baby daddy. And Halle still looks adorable with her old nose.

(Seriously, who are these people buying up the NKTOB reunion tickets? In this economy? Is there a demand for 30+year old white boy falsetto? Really?)