Jake Gyllenhaal and Tina Fey were voted the top gay and lesbian celebrity icons by the sibling websites AfterElton.com and AfterEllen.com. We're not the only ones with girl crushes on Tina!! • A Paris court slapped screen siren Brigitte Bardot with a $23,325 fine for "provoking discrimination and racial hatred" when she wrote that Muslims are destroying France, reports the IHT. Back in 2006, Bardot wrote a letter to current President Sarkozy wherein she said France is "tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts." • Pete Doherty shelled out £5,000 for a portrait of ex-girlfriend Kate Moss. In fact, Pete commissioned the portrait while he was still dating Kate, but neglected to pick it up for about a year. The artist, Sam Shaker, charged him 15 times the originally agreed upon price of £300 as a penalty. Ouch! [The Sun, IHT, The Sun]


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