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Melissa Joan Hart will star in a online potty training video for Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Pull-ups. It's safe to say that her career's in the crapper. ZING! • Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy. Music producer Jaymes Foster, who is reportedly in her late 40s, has been artificially inseminated with Clay's junk and is expecting her first child in August. • Vancouver Canucks player Luc Bourdon was killed this afternoon when his motorcycle hit a tractor trailer in New Brunswick, Canada. He was only 21. Too sad. [UPI,Us, Perez]


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I read the part about Clay Aiken being a daddy and then had to go back b/c I was sure I'd read that wrong.

Then I saw the mother's name was "Jaymes".

Signing off now.

Everyone, I hope you all have a great evening.