Loose Lips

A judge in Malawi has paved the way for Madonna to officially adopt her three-year-old son, David. According to the BBC, Madonna's lawyer Alan Chinula said, "It is a positive and beautiful judgment that will have an impact on Malawi's adoption law." Her Madgesty did not deign to grace the courtroom with her appearance. • Tony Romo has reportedly agreed to take Jessica Simpson back, but only if her overbearing daddy stays out of their business. Wouldn't bet on that, since Daddy Joe made a cameo at son-in-law Pete Wentz's bachelor party. • Country star Chris Cagle and his girlfriend were arrested after a booze-fueled fight that involved a purse and an umbrella. They're currently in the Nashville clink, as there is a 12-hour mandatory jail sentence before they can post bail. [BBC, Perez, TMZ]


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