Oprah is going vegan for 3 weeks. "This 21-day cleanse gives me a chance to think about [eating] differently and see what my attachments are to certain kinds of foods – and what I'm willing to do to change," Oprah writes on her blog. She also has a personal chef making her vegan goodies from Kathy Freston's book Quantum Wellness. Just sayin'. • Rumors are swirling that Nicole Kidman might pull a Demi Moore and take some naked preggers pics for a yet-to-be-named magazine cover. • Tom Cruise sent a cease and desist letter to the baby boutique Petit Tresor, for leaking what his lawyers say is false information about his family's spending habits. Allegedly Tom and Katie have spent $350 - $400K on wee Suri's wardrobe in the past two years. [Us, Just Jared, TMZ]