Oh no he didn't. Howard Stern manipulated sound bites from a Dolly Parton audiobook into sexually graphic and racist statements last week. Dolly has released a statement today condemning Stern. "If there was ever going to be a lawsuit, it's going to be over this. Just wanted you to know that I am completely devastated by this." Chin up lil' lady. • Heather Stohler, a model who appeared with Kate Moss in Calvin Klein ads, died on Sunday in an apartment fire in Indiana. She was 29. • Marc Anthony ex-wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres has written a book called Married to Me: How Committing To Myself Led To Triumph After Divorce. "The takeaway," reports Radar, is "even international beauty queens can find themselves alone and unshaven, binging on Candace Bushnell and self pity." [Reuters, TMZ, Radar]