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Mariah's new hubby Nick Cannon was spotted shopping for laxatives. The constipation of Mimi! • Good news for Amy Winehouse! The addled singer won't be charged with a crime, even though Scotland Yard arrested her on suspicion of drugs charges last week because they allegedly saw a video of her smoking crack. • Us has a post up where people can label Jennifer Aniston/ John Mayer pairing with a neologism. Suggestions so far include, Johnnifer, Mayston, and my personal fave, Animay! [TMZ, Mirror, Us]


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The constipation of Mimi is the best thing I've read all week.

Also, I'm sure the Scotland Yard's procedure when dealing with celebrities caught on video doing drugs goes something like "So, did you do drugs on this video we have here?" "No sir, I didn't" "Ok then, off you go!" I mean, Kate Moss was in and out in 20 minutes.

Keep in mind I'm not saying the British police are bad, just that celebrities get preferential treatment everywhere, before someone accuses me of that.