Loose Lips

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Clips of Britney's second appearance on How I Met Your Mother have leaked. She looks cute! • Jason Lee revealed that he and girlfriend Ceren Alkac are expecting a baby girl. This will be baby #2 for Lee. His 4-year-old son, Pilot Inspektor, is currently getting beat up in preschool for that ridiculous name. • Ryan Seacrest is allegedly in talks to replace Larry King when his contract runs out next year. If nothing else, young Ryan will at least be less gassy than Larry. [Us, People, Dlisted]


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@fantastic_caverns: I once saw the end of E! News or something like that, where after a clip of some women in bikini's Mr Seacrest had a line on the teleprompter saying something like "Wow, those ladies are getting me all hot!" Only he said it so cringingly and unenthusiastically it was almost like "I can't believe I am saying this crap." It wasn't even like someone saying their lines badly, it was like some PAINED to say something that had been written for them.

I had never even thought about it before that, but from then on I figured he must be gay.