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Last night, an organization called Mingling Mom gave Dina Lohan its inaugural "Top Mom" award. Radar got some face time with White Oprah, who said, ""I was just watching Lindsay record a track for her third album a few days ago with Snoop Dogg...Lindsay is a wonderful and loving and caring girl who is completely misunderstood. People forget that she's only 21. I mean what were you like when you were 21?" • More on the Winehouse arrest! The drug charges were brought after Scotland Yard viewed a video of Amy smoking crack and talking about taking Valium. Yikes! • Click here to see Lil' Kim as the Virgin Mary as depicted by David LaChappelle. Sacreligious! [Radar, DM , Dlisted]


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@quadrophenia718: I think there was a rumor that she called herself that and a bunch of people ran with it. I think she has said she never said it, but I wouldn't be surprised. This woman makes my skin crawl.